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        • Name: High G Shale Shaker

        OGEM Hi-G Dry Shaker is a linear motion shale shaker, on the other hand, it is used to recover the mud from driling cuttings of the main shale shaker and hydrocyclone, so as to reduce the mud waste and drilling cost. It makes the liquid/oil content in the drilling cutting to as low as about 10% (w/w), to reach the purpose of protecting the environment.



        1. High G-fore

        2. Make the drilling cuttings more dryer

        3. Weir type feed box is more applicable to on-site process

        4. The mount assembly is hydraulic pressure


        Technical Parameters

        Model AJS585-4K
        Vibrating mode Linear motion
        Motor power 2x1.94 KW
        Vibrating strength 7.5 G
        Capacity 150 m3/h
        Deck adjustment from -1 to 5 degrees
        Frequency 380V or 460V or customized
        Motor Type Explosion Proof
        Explosion-proof degree Exd II BT4
        Screens number 3 pcs or 4 pcs
        Screen area 2.73m2


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