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        • Name: Gas-liquid Separator

        Model: AJNJJH


        Mud purification system is widely applied to solid-liquid separation of various industries, characterized by long service life and easy transportation. Aojie Solid Control can perform system equipment configuration according to customer demands so as to facilitate customer use.

        Aojie Solid Control is a specialized manufacturer of the drilling mud circulating system. The mud circulating system can be matched with various drilling rigs and mud circulating purification system of horizontal directional drilling rig according to customer demands and working conditions. Aojie Solid Control also provides related services such as scheduled maintenance, system improvement, system installation, etc. so to reduce drilling cost and enhance customers’ economic benefits.

        Mud circulating system is widely applied to solid-liquid separation industries, such as petroleum drilling solid control system, trenchless mud circulating system, gas coal seam exploration mud circulating system, shield mud circulating system, desilting purification system, pilework solid-liquid separation, environmental protection industry, etc. Aojie Solid Control produces and deals in mud circulating system, drilling fluid vibrating screen, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, centrifuge, shear pump, sand pump, gas-liquid separator, electronic ignition device, mud mixer, jet mud mixer, mud gun, mud tank/diesel tank, submerged slurry pump, solid control system accessories, etc.


        Aojie Solid Control is a specialized manufacturer of the solid control system. Welcome domestic and overseas customers to visit and investigate the company. 

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