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        • Name: shale shaker type screen

        FLC2000 (48-30)  series PMD type screen

        1). Mesh API20---API400
        2). Dimension  Length: 1053mm  (41 1/2”)
        3). Width: 697mm  (27 2/5”)
        4). Weight PMD: 5.8kg (12.76lb)
        5). Layer 2 or 3  Layers
        6). Wire mesh material S.S304 or S.S316
        7). Frame material Carbon steel

        FLC500 503/504 PMD shaker screens

        1).Mesh API20---API400
        2).Dimension Length: 1050mm  (41 3/10”)
        3).Width: 697mm  (27 2/5”)
        4).Side clamp height: 52mm (2”)
        5).Weight PMD: 7.5kg  (16.5lb)
        6).Layer 2 or 3  Layers
        7).Wire mesh material S.S304 or S.S316
        8).Frame material Carbon steel

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