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        • Name: Low Pressure Mud Gun

        Swivel Aojie Low Pressure Mud gun is the cleaning equipment in the mud system. It is connected with the high pressure end of the mud pump, and with the drilling fluid jet by high speed to make the drilling mud in the mud tank mixed evenly. This can prevent drilling mud settle as many layers. Mud gun also can clean mud tank efficiently.

        Technique parameters of mud gun

        Model AJNJQ50-3 AJNJQ80-3
        Diameter 2" 3"
        Valve ID 50mm 80mm
        Interface diameter 2" 3"
        Working pressure <1.6MPA <3.2MPA
        Nozzles quantity 3 3
        Swivel can swivel can swivel
        Swivel degree 360 360


        1). Optional high pressure and common pressure

        2). Swiveling type and fixed type

        3). Rotation degree up to 360°

        4). Reliable standard material

        5). Simple design and compact



        1). Adapts better according to certain working condition

        2). 1 or 3 nozzles for option

        3). Can do mixture complete without any blind angle

        4). Durable enough low maintenance

        5). Easy to operate

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