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        • Name: Mud Cleaner

        AJ Solids Control Mud Cleaner Descriptions
        The mud cleaner/ hydrocyclone cleaner includes a desander, a desilter, a pressure gauge, a cyclone, a underflow groove, a drilling fluid vibrating screen, a support and a base, and is characterized in that, a butterfly valve is provided between main liquid inlet pipe and liquid outlet pipe of desander and desilter, the base is provided with the sliding groove, the vibrating screen is mounted on the sliding groove, and the cyclone is provided with an automatic desanding device and a underflow outlet regulating device. The mud cleaner is compact, easy to be used and maintained and reliable, and can eliminate harmful solids in the drilling fluid rapidly, improve the performance of drilling fluid, and meet the requirements of high-pressure jet drilling process. The cleaner also very popular in the Trenchless, No dig, Sludge treatment system.
        Features of mud cleaner: 
        ● Matched with technologically-advanced vibrating screen. 
        ● Desanding and desilting cyclone uses 100% polyurethane material. 
        ● Clamp desilting cyclone is equipped with stainless steel ball valve, easy to be maintained. 
        ● Compact structure 
        ● Damping spring uses high-performance spring material to prolong its service life.
        ● Vibration motor: Italy Oli, IEC EX and ATEX explosion-proof standard are optional.
        ● Screen angle can be adjusted in operation mechanically, with reliable performance. 
        ● Quantity of cyclone is optional.
        Technical parameters of Mud Cleaner
        Model AJQ703
        Treating capacity 120-270m3/h
        Desilter cones 4" (20 EA)
        Desander cones 10" (2 EA)
        Shaker motor 2 motors (ExdII BT4)
        Motor power 1.72 KW 
        Frequency 380V / 50HZ / 3 phase
        G force  7.0 G
        Deck adjustment -1° ~ 5°
        Desander cones 10" (2 EA)
        Desander cones' 
        separation size
        Desilter cones 4" (20 EA)
        Desilter cones'
        separation size
        Inlet diameter 150mm
        Discharge diameter 200mm

        Benefits of Aojie Mud cleaner

        ·Compact footprint and light


        ·Easy to installation

        ·Low cost on operation and maintenance. 

        ·Low noise

        ·Decrease drilling cost

        ·Controlling well on drilling mud leakage

        ·Flexibility on treating capacity

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