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        • Name: Oilfield drilling mud purification equipment

        Drilling mud is essential in oil and gas drilling. In order to achieve safe and rapid drilling, a variety of chemical additives have been added to the drilling fluid. The waste mud is polymerized from various chemical additives, clay, cuttings, inorganic salts and oil-containing substances. The pH value is high, and it is generally stored in the wellsite sewage pool. It relies on natural evaporation and air drying for a long time, and the pollution is large. Poorness can easily lead to environmental pollution accidents. With the development of society, environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more strict, and the disposal of drilling waste mud is urgent. The mud purification system is composed of mud cleaner, sand remover, desilter, drilling fluid centrifuge, ZCQ vacuum deaerator, sand pump, shear pump and mud tank. It is suitable for drilling wells of 2000-7000 oil wells. process. The bottom of the mud tank adopts a new vertebral body structure, and the mud mixing system is used at the edge, so that the drilling fluid is not easy to settle. The tank and the tank of the whole circulation system can be separated and connected between the tank and the warehouse to meet the drilling. For the operation, the butterfly valve of the suction manifold is flexible to open, and the water is not leaked after closing. The entire mud purification system is equipped with five-stage purification equipment (vibrating screen, desander, desilter, vacuum deaerator and agitator). The use of a new oil drilling mud purification system reduces mud emissions and has obvious environmental protection. effect.
        The rock nitrate, sediment and other particles in the mud are treated by the drilling fluid centrifuge in the mud purification system.
        Mud purification systems are used to maintain drilling fluid performance and to meet storage cycle drilling fluids. The mud purification system is equipped with a weight mixing device, a filling device and a chemical device. Used to improve the physical and chemical properties of drilling fluids to meet the needs of drilling.
        The mud purification system can be widely applied to petroleum drilling, gas layer exploration, non-excavation engineering and other related majors.
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