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        • Name: Drilling mud box agitator

        Product Application

        The multi-function box mixer produced by our company is a special custom-made product for customers. It is different from the conventional agitator for mixing and conveying of tunnel mud. Mixing horizontal U type cylinder 4000L, two layers of inner and outer spiral belt has a unique structure, through the box type mixer to a thick sediment water mixing, and then transported by horizontal SB type pump, complete sets of equipment, stable operation, fast mixing speed, high mixing uniformity, spiral belt can be mounted scraper, more suitable thickens. The paste mixed in different material mixing requirements, using different spiral band structure, and can be customized according to customer requirements spiral feeding machine, computer measuring machine.

        Box Type Mud Agitator Parameter
        Shaft length
        According to tank size and client’s requirement
        Impeller type
        Canted or turbine blade
        Impeller layer
        Spiral band structure

        Main Features

        1) The whole set of equipment runs smoothly, and the mixing speed is fast.
        2) High mixing uniformity
        3) More adaptable to a thickened, paste - like mixture.
        4) Different screw belt structures are used under the requirements of different materials mixing.
        5) Energy saving, environmental protection, low fuel consumption and high power.

        Why choose OGEM Equipment?
        1) Professional for mud process
        2) Experienced engineer on solids control
        3) Customer-oriented principle
        4) High quality
        5) Competitive price
        6) ISO Certified company

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