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        • Name: Super efficiency nano shallow air floatation system

        Product Application

         AJQF super efficiency shallow air floater is an advanced air floating system. It is designed with the principle of "shallow pool theory" and "zero speed". It is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving purification equipment, which integrates coagulation, air floatation, skimming, precipitation and scraping.
        A large amount of air is dissolved into the water by the solution gas system, and the dissolved gas is formed in the water to form a saturated state and enter the water to be treated in the water. A large number of fine bubbles are formed in the water after the decompression is released. The bubbles are adhered to the impurities and flocs in the water to adhere to the micro bubbles and form a floating body with a specific gravity of less than water, thus quickly floating out of the water and skimming the slag by the scraping device. After that, solid and liquid two phase separation is completed to purify the water quality.


        Product mix

        The super shallow shallow air floatation machine is mainly composed of pool body, skimming device, industrial bridge and walking device, water distributing and gas distributing device, water collecting device and collecting device.


        AJQF4500 Technical Parameters
        Floating tank host
        Q=60m³/h    P=2.2KW,1.5KW
        Dissolved water pump
        Q=24m³/h    H=60m    P=11KW
        PAC  Dosing pump
        Q=0.3m³/h    H=35m
        PAM  Dosing pump
        Q=0.3m³/h    H=35m
        Air compressor
        0.16m³/min   0.8Mpa

        Main Features

        1) Compact appearance, small footprint, reasonable design and low power consumption.

        2) The shallow pool theory and the zero speed principle are designed for high efficiency, energy saving, small volume and convenient installation.

        3) The residence time is short (3-5min), and the surface load rate is high (9.6-12m3/m.h).

        4) The processing effect is stable. The motor is controlled by adjusting motor, strong adaptability and good technological conditions.

        5) The efficiency of dissolved gas is high, and the water solution is completely separated from the original water with the original water, with the special release device, the treatment effect is good, the removal rate of SS is as high as 90%, and the solid content of the slag can be up to 3-4%.

        6) The volume of the dissolved gas pipe is small, and the gas dissolving efficiency is high, which achieves the true copolymerization air flotation.

        7) Equipment modular design, short production cycle, high quality stability, convenient for transportation and rapid installation.

        8) High degree of automation, easy operation, simple maintenance and reliable operation.

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