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        • Name: Mud cleaner

          Drilling fluid mud cleaner has compact structure, small occupied space area and powerful functions. It is an ideal high-efficiency cleaner device for drilling mud for secondary and tertiary solid phase control.
        Aojie Solids produces mud-removing combined mud cleaners, which include sand remover, desilter, pressure gauge, cyclone, underflow tank, drilling fluid shaker, bracket and base. The utility model is characterized in that a control butterfly valve is arranged between the main inlet pipe and the liquid outlet pipe of a de-sanding device and a desilter, a slide groove is arranged on the base, a vibration screen is arranged on the slide groove, and an automatic sand-proof plug is arranged in the cyclone device. Device and underflow port adjustment device. The new type of structure is compact, easy to use, easy to maintain, reliable, and can quickly remove the harmful solid phase in the drilling fluid, improve drilling fluid performance, and meet the requirements of new high pressure jet drilling technology.
        Mud cleaner technical parameters
         Model No. AJQ703 AJQ603 AJQ703B AJQ603B
        Processing capacity 120~270m3/h
        528~1180GPM 120~240m3/h
        528~1056GPM 60~160m3/h
        264~700GPM 60~160m3/h
         Swirling mud remover 4′′(8~20) 4′′(10~16) 4′′(4~12) 4′′(4~10)
         Swirl remover 10"(1~3) 10"(1~2) 8"(1~2) 8"(1~2)
        Inlet pipe diameter 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
         Drainage tube diameter 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
         Matching sand pump 45~75KW 45~55KW 37~45KW 37~45KW
         Underflow screen type AJS703 AJS603 AJS703 AJS603
         Vibration track Linear
        Underflow screen motor 2×1.5KW 2×1.5KW 2×1.5KW 2×1.5KW
         Screen area 2.2m2 2.05m2 2.2m2 2.05m2
          Number of screens 3panel 3panel 3panel 3panel
         Remarks The amount of cyclone determines the amount of processing, the number of custom cyclones and the size of the custom 4′′ cyclone desilter=15~20 m3/h, 8′′ cyclone desilter=60~90m3/h, 10′′ swirl Sand remover = 90~120m3/h
        Our company is a professional manufacturer of oil drilling fluid mud cleaners, providing you with high quality mud cleaners, factory direct sales have the advantage of price, and provide you with satisfactory after-sale technical services.
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