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        • Name: Mud cleaning system

        Brand: Aojie Solid Control
        Product features: This slurry cleaning system has a wide range of applications for solid-liquid separation in various industries, long service life, and convenient transportation. Aojie Solid Control can configure the system equipment according to the customer's requirements, so as to make it easier for customers to use.
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            Aojie Solid Control is a company specializing in the production of drilling mud circulation system. Mud circulatory system can be designed to support different drilling rigs and horizontal directional drilling mud circulating purification system according to customer's requirements and working environment, and provide regular maintenance and system reformation. , system installation and other related services to minimize the cost of drilling and improve the customer's economic benefits.
            The application scope of mud circulating system produced by our company: Oil drilling solid control system, non-excavation mud circulating system, gas layer exploration mud circulation system, shield slurry circulation system, river dredging purification system, construction piling and solid-liquid separation, environmental protection industry In the solid and liquid separation industry, the company mainly produces and operates: Mud circulation system, drilling fluid vibrating screen, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum deaerator, centrifuge, shear pump, sand pump, liquid gas Separator, electronic ignition device, mud agitator, jet mixing device, mud gun, mud tank, liquid slurry pump, solid control system accessories.
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