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        • Name: China Hydrocyclone Desilter

        Aojie (AJ) Hydrocyclone desilter is a combination of hydrocyclones and linear motion shale shaker used in drilling fluid solids control or HDD, Trenchless Mud system . The PU (polyurethane) material and high chromium cast iron is used for hydrocyclones. The bottom shale shaker can be the little shaker and also can be the big shale shaker.

        Specifications of Hydrocyclone desilter

               1). Hydrocyclone diameter: usually 4" or 5"

               2). Hydrocyclone number:   2 to 10 for each set

               3). Admission manifold diameter:  100mm / 125mm /150mm

               4). Overflow manifold diameter:  125mm / 150mm

               5). Separated particles diameter      ≥15μm

               6). Working pressure :     0.25-0.35Mpa

              How to install to Desilter? 1Connect the grout outlet of sand pump and admission inlet with 4" rubber pipe. The gas hole installed on the top of overflow pipe is used for preventing the siphon effects. 

        A little drilling fluid will be flowed from air-bleed hole when the desilter is running. Air-bleed hole can not be blocked. If not, desilter will be failed to run.  

         2. Manifold of desilter: Two ends of incoming-stream manifold and overflow manifold should be connected with flange, in which the liquid can flow. The joint of overflow pipe can be rotated in any angle along the axle, through which the 5" rubber pipe can be fixed in other drilling liquid tank easily. Incoming-stream pipe and overflow pipe of hydrocyclone should be assembled with 90° angle. 

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