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        • Name: Little Shale Shaker

        Shale shaker is the latest solids control facility used in disposal of the drilling fluid, developed, designed and manufactured by our company. Reliable in working and convenient in maintenance, it is an ideal facility to separate the drilling fluid in petroleum industry.

        Technical Parameters of Little Shale Shaker

        (1-1) Model ZS752
        (1-2) Vibration mode Linear motion
        (1-3) Motor power 2x0.75KW
        (1-4) G force ≦7.0G
        (1-5) Double amplitude 3.92-5.62mm
        (1-6) Deck adjustment
        (1-7) Motor Explosion proof Exd II Bt4
        (1-8) Screen area 1.35m2
        (1-9) Screen size(LxW) 750x900mm
        (1-10) Screen qty. 2
        (1-11) Weit height 746mm
        (1-12) Decibls less than 85db
        (1-13) Starter explosion proof
        (1-14) Dimension 1650x1590x1100mm
        (1-15) Weight 926kg