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        Poland and the United States sign a large single import of LNG

        Number of visits: Date:2018-11-12
        The Polish oil and gas company signed an agreement with the US Chanel Energy Company in Warsaw, Poland, on the 8th to import LNG from the United States within the next 24 years.
        Polish President Duda and visiting US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry attended the signing ceremony of the day. After the ceremony, Duda said: "Poland has the will and is working closely with the United States on (energy) security... Diversification of energy sources is crucial for Poland and Europe."
        Perry said that the cooperation between Polish oil and gas companies and Channier Energy provides a reference for European countries to diversify their energy sources and improve energy security.
        According to Polish media reports, according to the agreement, the United States will supply gas to Poland from 2019 and will transport about 29 million tons of liquefied natural gas to Poland within 24 years.

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