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        Two Sets Vertical Mud Agitators are Prepared to Delivery to Users

        Writer:Alisa ZhaoNumber of visits: Date:2016-07-30

        Vertical  mud agitator is the necessary equipment on the mud tanks in drilling fluid solids control industry. The vertical type mud agitator has almost the same working principle of horizontal type mud agitator. For vertical type, the motor is the vertical type. Thus can save more space on the mud tank surface.

        Aojie's new order two sets of Vertical Mud Agitators were finished. This products are customised, explosion-proof motors, three layers of impellers on one shaft and each impeller is three leaves in 45 degree propellers.

        This agitators are used in mixing pitch. Considering the working site's working temperature, the agitators were designed high temperature resistance. We changed the motor and reduction gears. The motor's insulation grade is F and motor's protection grade is IP55. thus to make sure the agitators can work normally at working site.


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