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        Aojie's Mud System for Algeria Water Well Drilling

        Writer:Alisa ZhaoNumber of visits: Date:2016-01-23

        Aojie's mud system can not only being used in oilfield drilling fluid solids control, but also used in water well drilling mud recycling.

        Recently, Aojie designed two mud systems for Algeria customers in water well drilling. According to customer's requirement, this system only contain mon mud tank, and all the separation equipment are installed on the top of it.

        It contains one set AJS703 shale shaker, one set AJQ703 mud cleaner, one 37KW centrifugal pump, 11KW agitator, Mud hopper and a mud gun to cleaning the tank. Also, there are rails, ladders, pipes, valves, lights and control cabinet.

        Aojie's mud system also can be called mud recycling system, sludge treatment system, solids control system, storage system etc. More and more users are love our design and products. The price is cheaper and the sales team are fast service for you.

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