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        A New Set Vertical Cutting Dryer was Finished

        Number of visits: Date:2015-12-18

        A new set of Vertical Cutting Dryer was finished and prepare to delivery to users.

        The vertical cutting dryer is a vertical type decanter centrifuge in drilling fluid treatment system. Below is AJ's vertical cutting dryer parameters.


        No. Parameter Name Unit  Value
        1 Feeding size mm 0-13
        2 Feeding moisture % Less than 30
        3 Treating capacity T/h 40-50
        4 Product water % 5-10
        5 Screen basket rotating speed rpm 1015
        6 Diameter of screen basket big side mm 720
        7 Half cone angle of screen basket ° 30
        8 Gap of screen basket mm 0.35-0.5
        9 Motor model   YB2-180M-4
        10 Motor power Kw 18.5
        11 Motor speed r/min 1470


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