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        Changqing Oilfield two oil recovery plant, 22 well asleep, heavy re Hwan vitality

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          Chinese oil network news as of October 9th, two of Changqing Oilfield plant this year has been restored 22 long stop wells, wells re injection of 13, make long-term sleeping a lot of old wells revitalized.

          After a long-term development, the number of wells stop production two increase, has been in the long stop state there are 822 wells, most wells because of flooding, low formation pressure, liquid production capacity factors such as lack of productivity, the overall efficiency of oilfield development seriously affected.

          The two production plant will stop wells governance as one of the key work potentialities, deepen understanding of geology, mining long stop wells production potential, in accordance with the principle of classification management, selected 23 long stop wells resumption of production, 13 long water re injection wells, making a long stop wells treatment plan, improve the utilization rate of oil wells.

          In the process of management, the plant is based on the reservoir and development well network, aiming at improving the reserves control degree and production degree, and deeply analyzing the cause analysis, potential research and demonstration of the long stop well. Oil two plants for each port stop wells characteristics of symptomatic measures and policies to restore measures through hole filling production, overhaul, wells, production wells Zhuanzhu, improve the yield of single well; for Shuijing Miseoshu, injection, ground supporting complex injection, improve the utilization rate of oil wells. At present, the factory has completed the annual production plan work stop wells 95.6%.

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