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        Qinghai oilfield; overall operation; seamless connection

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          China oil network news at the end of September, Qinghai oilfield has completed 224 wells capacity construction of new investment, new investment 69 water wells, 14 wells and old wells drainage / 8 port, fine water injection port 7, a pass rate of more than 95%, the quarterly oil target in advance, the optimization of production organization measures bear fruit.

          Qinghai oilfield across Gansu Province two points, lines, production control is difficult. In order to co-ordinate production operation, Qinghai oilfield has formulated measures to build efficient command center.

          Strengthen the production process control, key work tracking supervision, to ensure seamless production organization. Strict implementation of organizational processes, the actual implementation of the production operation (emergency) duty system and production accident reporting system, and always maintain a smooth flow of information channels. Give full play to the central function of production operations, strengthen the production of information collection and instruction issued, to ensure that production, storage, transportation, refining and marketing work closely linked. Strengthen the information communication, give full play to the advantage of the front command line close to the production line, accurately and timely sort out the horizontal and vertical working relationship, and ensure the balanced, stable and efficient operation of the oil and gas production.

          An area is the main battlefield of Qinghai oil production capacity, heavy construction tasks, the main production of Nii. Oil production plant three to implement the upgrading of production operations, requiring more than 24 hours of secondary level cadres to maintain smooth communication. At the same time, the production capacity of wells, new wells, toujing scheduled operation measures to ensure that the work table, set foot in operation. In September 20th, the lion 49-3 well fracturing construction, the plant chief engineer led into the scene, coordination and command of the work, the completion of the fracturing day, the same day to open wells back liquid.

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