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        Aojie Three Sets of Screw Conveyors to Inner Mongolia Drilling Site

        Writer:Alisa ZhaoSource:Original Number of visits: Date:2015-08-26

            Aojie (OGEM)three sets of screw conveyors were deliveryed to Inner Mongolia drilling site. These screw conveyors are used in the mud do not fall on the ground to protect the environment.

            Before last year, in the drilling site, there are many mud pits on the ground to put the drilling fluid and water mixer. When the drilling well finished, the drilling cuttings and drilling fluid which contain the chemicals together discharged to the ground. The environment nearby was polluted. The Inner Mongolia has China's largest grasslands and pasture for sheep and cow. So, the government do not allow the grass polluted.

           The screw conveyor is used in transporting drilling fluid to the cutting dryers.



           Technical parametrs of Aojie screw conveyor

           Model: AJSC14-48 / Trough diameter:14 inch / Screw length: 48 feet (=14.6 meters) / Motor size: 15 KW / Transfer capacity: 50 m3/h / Rotation speed:40,50,60 RPM

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