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        New Hydrocyclone Desilter Finished Today

        Writer:Alisa ZhaoNumber of visits: Date:2016-08-18

        CNQ Desilter separator is one important equipment among whole drilling mud system. Usually separate finer particles after desander hydrocyclones. The bottom shaker is optional to get better filtration effect. For oil dirlling mud solids control, the desilter cones are 4". According to clients' requirement the size can be 3" also. Under proper working pressure, the separation efficiency will be 90~95%. 

        According to customer's treating capacity requirement, this set of desilter is designed 6 hydrocycones and all are 4 inch size. AJ solids control consist the quality first admonition, and more and more customers like AJ products.

        Features of Hydrocyclone Desilter

        • a). Sand size solids removal (12~47 microns)
        • b). Polymeric cones
        • c). Lightweight, compact
        • d). Customized cone configuration specific to customer needs
        • e). S.S Clamp and flange type optional
        • f). Lifting eye welded to frame


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