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        2016 Desilter System Finished

        Writer:Alisa ZhaoNumber of visits: Date:2016-03-11

        The 2016 new desilter system is combined with desilter cyclones, shale shakers, mud tank, centrifugal pump, electric control system and guardrails. This is the small size "Mud Cleaner" and widely used in mud treating. Thus can save cost, space and easily remove.

        Technical Parameters of Desilter System


        Model CJS-1
        Vibration mode Linear Motion
        Shaker type Two layers
        Shale shaker screen 700x850mm
        Feeding pump 7.5KW
        Bottom tank 1.5 CBM
        Desilter hydrocyclone size 4" (2 EA)
        Size 2310x1955x2500
        Cones material Polyurethane
        Treating capacity 20m3/h

        Should you have any requirement of desilter system,please contact us without hesitate.

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