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        New 200 PCS of Derrick Shaker Screens were Transported to Customer

        Writer:Alisa ZhaoSource:OGEM Number of visits: Date:2015-07-22

        Aojie's new 200 PCS shaker screens were transported to customers.It's our regular customer's order.

        This time the screens are Derrick FLC500 PMD type. OGEM's Derrick FLC500 PMD shaker screens' size is 1053x697mm. Unit weight is 5.8 kgs. 

        Shaker screen is important part for shale shaker and cleaner. OGEM can provide qualified shaker screen for Derrick shaker, NOV Brandt shaker, other brand shale shaker.

        Shaker screen

        1.High quality stainless steel
        2.More professional design
        3.Durable raw material
        4.Economical price
        5.Short delivery time
        6.Exact dimension and specs

        1. High anti-rust ability
        2. Better performance on filtration
        3. Longer usable life
        4. Lower cost
        5. Sooner to solve client's problem
        6. More suitable and interchangeable for brand shakers

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