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        8 sets of OGEM decanter centrifuge are ready to shipped

        Writer:Alisa ZhaoNumber of visits: Date:2015-04-02

        This is the first time for OGEM to get the a order which includes 8 sets decanter centrifuge.

        OGEM solids control is the professional manufacturer of produce decanter centrifuges, after we got the deposit, all materials were be prepared and production producing. The main specifications of these decanter centrifuge as following:

        Main Motor : 30 kw      Sub motor: 7.5kw       capacity:50m3/h        Separation factor: 5~7μm  Diameter of bowl: 450mm     Rotary: 1800rpm

        The bowl of decanter centrifuge is material of stainless steel to make sure its working well for a long time.

        We has exported decanter centrifuges to many other countries and areas all over the world, including:

        America oil drilling service company

        Dubai oil and gas treatment company

        Gabon decanter centrifuges supplier

        We can ensure the good quality and after sale service to u, so if you are interested in it or other drilling mud solids control equipments, please contact with us.

        Contact email: ogem@ogemsolidscontrol.com

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