Tangshan Aojie Petroleum Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


        Tangshan Aojie Petroleum Machinery Equipment Make Co., Ltd (Short
        for: OGEM Solids Control) focused on professional mud process. Based
        on users’ actual demand through the integration team of professional
        design and solids control technology to provide high quality drilling mud
        process equipments.OGEM Solids Control products include:Complete
        drilling mud system,O&G drilling fluid solids control equipment,slurry sep
        aration system, HDD mud recovery unit, shale shaker,mud cleaner, dec
        anter centrifuge, centrifugal pump,mud mixing pump...    MORE>>

        Address: No.2 Jingxi Road,Lunan District,Tang
        shan city,Hebei province,China
        Tel: 86-315-2648088/ 2648099
        Fax: 86-315-2648066
        Email: ogem@ogemsolidscontrol.com

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